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Hair Care Tips

Styles For The Summer

Summer is finally here and I can’t wait to have some fun in the sun. Now I am all about my hair looking its best at all times but when the sun is blazing and the heat is humid, less is always the way to go. By Less I mean, less makeup, less hair down my back, less hair in my face, yata yata yata….. Just because the sun is out doesn’t mean you have to put away those long locs, all you have to do is be a little creative. Here’s some ideas   Goddess Braids    Goddess Braids are...

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How to Choose the Right Lengths of Hair Weaves to Compliment Your Face: It’s all in the Shape

The shape of your face is actually very important when choosing a hairstyle. Different lengths compliment different hairstyles and allow you to look your best even when you’re not trying to. But let’s remember, this is a blog so I’ll make this short and definitely sweet. Let’s get down to the details. Round Faces When it comes to round faces, long hair is just perfect to flatter ever angle of your face. Side swept, straight bangs, layers, all create stunning angles on your face that would catch anyone’s attention. Oval Faces Now if you have an oval face shape, you...

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Bring Your Used Hair Back To Life with These Tips

Shedding Tangling Heavy hair After the human hair bundles you bought are worn or used for weeks or months, depending on how they've been worn or treated, they may start having issues like shedding, tangling or getting heavy with oils. Before you throw it away try these tips and I guarantee if it’s the real deal human hair, it’ll bounce right back. OKAY So first things first….. When you cut into a weft it’s important to seal each end with a weft sealer to prevent any major shedding. If your hair is long, it’s expected to tangle a bit, but...

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