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Bring Your Used Hair Back To Life with These Tips

Posted by Tammy JB on

  • Shedding
  • Tangling
  • Heavy hair

used and damaged hair repair

After the human hair bundles you bought are worn or used for weeks or months, depending on how they've been worn or treated, they may start having issues like shedding, tangling or getting heavy with oils. Before you throw it away try these tips and I guarantee if it’s the real deal human hair, it’ll bounce right back.

OKAY So first things first…..

When you cut into a weft it’s important to seal each end with a weft sealer to prevent any major shedding. If your hair is long, it’s expected to tangle a bit, but using a wide tooth comb and wig brush and combing from the end to the top will comb through tangled hair without much damage being done. Now I know every girl can relate to this part, you install your hair and its full and bouncy and has that natural healthy hair shine but in a few weeks or so it starts to weigh and its heavier than it was when you installed it – bummer right? This problem is actually beyond easy to fix, washing your extensions and conditioning them will bring them right back to life if done properly.

STEP 1: Untangle hair using a wide tooth comb or wig brush

STEP 2: Wash hair in Luke warm water gently lathering the shampoo to remove oils and hair spays

STEP 3: Condition hair from top working your way down to the ends and let it sit for about 10 – 15 minutes

STEP 4: Remove excess water with a clean dry towel and let it air dry at least half way before blow drying.

STEP 5: Once it dries fully, flat iron with a regular cloth-use iron at non-steam mode with heat protection spray (temperature between silk and wool)


used and damaged hair repairwash used damanged hairused and damaged hair repaired

 My Go To products:

  • Pantene Pro- V shampoo & conditioner
  • Crème of Nature shine and strength Argan oil leave in conditioner

Did It Work? Yup I know it did, don’t be a stranger, feel free to post your tips

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  • Thanks for sharing those tips up above. I really appreciate it. I have overheated my hair and it becomes lifeless and now I’m searching for remedies or solutions that can bring back my hair to life again.

    Maria Vincent on

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