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10 Keke Palmer Hairstyles to Rock Summer 2017 (Click to read more)

Posted by Jim Tai on

Beat the heat this summer while looking your best and staying cool

We all love Keke Palmer as an actor, singer, songwriter, television personality etc. Besides that, we can’t help but admire her trendy hairstyles and fashion. The heat is on this summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute and in style. Here’s 10 styles to rock in the heat!

If you want to avoid having to much hair on your neck, try a short bob cut, its stylish, cute and sure to keep you cool. Add a few braids for a more summer fun look

Protect your locks while you slay this summer with crochet Havana Marley twist. Its easy to install, lightweight and easy removal

The ultimate hairstyle to keep you cool all summer long. You can chop it all off or keep your long locs and try a 27 piece short hair series

Vixen sew ins are stylish and versatile and great for any weather.

Try some major waves this summer and for a more edgy look add some feathered bangs

Curly hair is definitely a fave when it comes to heat and if you’re a beach bum this style is for you

Add some color and enjoy the summer sun, if you’re a person who likes change try out a new color to brighten your skin tone

Ponytails are stylish and flexible and not to mention a weight off your shoulders

Love those long locs? Then there's no need to change em, try tucking it behind your ears to keep it out of your face

Remember summer only comes once a year, and besides changing your hair you can add accessories to block out the sun while wearing your long luscious locs, try a bucket hat or head wrap, its cute, trendy & stylish!

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