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Caring Your Hair under Those Bundles

Posted by Tammy JB on

People wear extensions/weaves for many different reasons. We install them so neatly and carefully, we wash them and style them, just like our own hair. That’s not what I’m here to talk about so lets just get down to the real topic “OUR HAIR” you know, the hair that comes from our scalp lol, we all have it but sometimes we get so used to wearing weaves and extensions, we neglect our own hair. From my experience weaves can actually help to promote hair growth, wearing a weave gives our real hair a break. The best Way to start is by having a solid foundation. Just like your daily makeup routine, you have to prep and prime and contour before actually applying a full face of makeup right? Well the same rules apply for your hair, before applying any weaves or extensions, whatever method of installation you’re using keep in mind that this weave will be in for some time so making sure your hair is moisturized is priority. With more and more methods of installing hair coming into the market, makes it even easier to care your hair. Weekly washing and moisturizing, hot oil treatments and fresh air can only do good for your hair

. So remember ladies our hair is our beauty, taking care of it is priority.



Stay Beautiful




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