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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to Simply Tell Quality Human Hair Extensions from Synthetic Hair Extensions?

Human hair is protein. When burning, it immediately catches fire and burns nearly instantly with a strong and unpleasant smell, then curls into a chunk of black balls. The balls can be easily pinched into ash. But synthetic hair usually melts slowly rather than burns, and has almost no smell. If it does burn, it can have black smoke just as you burn plastic or synthic materials. Even if there are balls left, the hard balls can't be pinched into ash. In addition, human hair is friendly with straightening and curling, and can be colored or bleached in a proper manner, but synthetic hair not at all.   

                human hair vs synthetic hair            

2. Can I perm and/or dye the hair?

Yes. While we don't recommend perming or coloring hair extensions because of the damage to hair, they can be permed or dyed in a proper manner. Since perming or dyeing requires skills, experience and particular processing products, we recommend an experienced hair professional does the work. And please carefully follow the brochure instructions we enclosed in your package as received.

3. After wash or wear, can the hair style remain by itself?

After co-wash or wearing for some time, the hair style -especially body wave - may get loose since the style was pre-set by our suppliers. If you want to keep the style, you need to curl them in a proper manner.  Please follow the brochure instructions enclosed in your package as received, regarding how to use heating tools.

4. Why there seems a little bit smell after I just take out the hair out of its package and smell it with my nose? Is that normal?

Yes. It's normal because the hair has to be through a hygienically cleaning process in factory before being sold. But the smell will go away after some time or a light wash.

5. How to Take Care of the hair?

Given the tender nature of human hair, the quality and lifespan of the hair largely depends on how it is worn and taken care of. The way you care for human hair extensions is not very different from the way you care for your own hair. Just keep in mind that human hair extensions, unlike our own growing hair on scalp, can no longer get nourishment and moisture from roots. So we cannot expect them to be as strong as our own hair. They need extra nourishment and extra care. Please follow the proven care, styling and maintenance tips & instructions we complied on the brochure in your package.

When cutting the wefts for installation, please thoroughly glue and seal all cuts of wefts to prevent from shedding.